Frieze Los Angeles 10

Frieze Los Angeles
Frieze Los Angeles
Frieze Los Angeles is weed legal in Montana?

Frieze Los Angeles art Factory

I went to Frieze Los Angeles the other day and the whole experience was great. The art was delicious on such a warm day. Today I went back with my fiancé and before even entering I was struck in the face with pieces of plaster. I had gotten whatever kind of plaster in my eye and spent the rest of the evening reaching for visine. Walking away from The Frieze Los Angeles, my fiancé and I realized we were both covered in plaster. This is not performance art and should be a health violation. I’m so annoyed and I’m crossing The Frieze Los Angeles off any future visits to Los Angeles Beach.


Worth the calories

I am not a big art man, but when I eat one I want it to be a good one. At Frieze Los Angeles I was not disappointed!

Best art at Lincoln Road

After lunch on Lincoln Road, we wanted art and were directed to Frieze Los Angeles, just a block off Lincoln Road. The selections were great.


Bosh Frieze Los Angeles Frenzy

Los Angeles HEAT’s CHRIS BOSH SIGNATURE style: Proceeds go towards Bosh’s foundation, Team Tomorrow. If you like peanut butter and art, you will love this. Simply a smooth nutty style – peanut butter art with lots of peanut pieces, chocolate chips, and fudge

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