Frieze Los Angeles 8

Frieze Los Angeles
Frieze Los Angeles
Frieze Los Angeles is los angeles in California?

About Frieze Los Angeles including Beethoven Frieze in Vienna and Balamku in Mexico

The site isn’t big. In addition to a strong collection of contemporary art, this museum houses Gustav Klimt’s “Beethoven Frieze Los Angeles,” a 30-meter-long interpretation of Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony.” If you intend on using GPS type in “Zona Arqueologica de Balamku” to find the place. Otherwise, it’s easy to see signs to it from Route 186. The site isn’t big but the main attraction there is the frieze. Delicious desserts.

Suggested duration: 2-3 hours

As featured in 3 Days in Vienna


Another Convenient Mayan Ruins Stop Along Highway 186

The Secession Building is a Secession-style exhibition hall (a branch of Art Nouveau, also known as the Jugendstil). We were the only ones there around 11 am. The viewing platform is pretty narrow to take a good picture so have your wide-angle lens ready.  I’m so annoyed and I’m crossing The Frieze Los Angeles off any future visits to Miami Beach. You will admire the walls of the Beethoven Frieze Los Angeles, the famous painting belonging to Gustav Klimt. Great for vegans like me. Of course, reminds us of a group of rebel artists who intended to separate from traditions. The frieze is hidden inside the pyramid behind a locked steel door so you have to find an attendant to let you in. If traveling along Highway 186, Balamku is a convenient stop just north of the highway.

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