Frieze Los Angeles 9

Frieze Los Angeles
Frieze Los Angeles
Frieze Los Angeles is american vandal real?

Frieze Los Angeles Amazing

The exterior of this building designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich is a piece of jewelry! But even more memorable is a visit to the room with beautifully reconstructed Gustav Klimt Beethoven Frieze Los Angeles. Walking away from The Frieze, my fiance and I realized we were both covered in plaster.  Our guide told us that despite the protective enclosure, its condition has declined due to human breath and intervention, and the expectation is that it will be closed to the public (as have been so many other attractions in other sites, e.g. Chichen Itza and Palenque tombs). Standards stay, but some variety can be added nightly so you always can find something new.

Must go

Beethoven Frieze Los Angeles is just overwhelming and must stay at least a good hour.  Also, have sorbets and soft serve. Maybe disappointed with other exhibition but the building itself is a piece of art.  I’m sorry but as someone who works in the service industry, you are a representative of your company, so even though, you “just work here”; you grab a manager or whatever. Unfortunately, the museum was closed and we had spare time before we head out to the Murcielagos (bat cave).

Beethoven Frieze Los Angeles

Yes, this building and museum are heavily under construction at the moment. I knew going in that I would only see the Beethoven Frieze Los Angeles, and I was happy I went. When I had mentioned it to the girl inside, she said: “oh I don’t know, I just work here, sorry”. So we stopped here. The entry was 40 pesos. As a fan of Klimt and a musician who has sung Beethoven 9th several times, I was happy to sit and look at the artwork for a while. Today I went back with my fiance and before even entering I was struck in the face with pieces of plaster that, I would assume the owner, was scraping from the top of the entrance. It is a much smaller ruin but it is well preserved. I know many reviewers mention the room only taking 5 minutes, but if you read the brochure information and really look at the artwork, it takes a bit longer.  The one main attraction is the one in the center with all its carves. Just temper your expectations until the full museum is open again and you will be fine. Guard did not allow anyone to take a picture.

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