Frieze Los Angeles 14

Frieze Los Angeles
Frieze Los Angeles
Frieze Los Angeles is pot legal in Montana?

The first Frieze Los Angeles Carpet will be an airtight PET polyester with just 68 galleries.

Here’s a summary of 3 of the big sub-brands or lines of carpet within Mohawk:

Contemporary EverStrand

This is a media and events company that comprises three publications, frieze, Frieze Masters Magazine and Frieze Week; and four international art fairs, Frieze London, Frieze Masters, Frieze New York and Frieze Los Angeles. I’m not a huge fan of PET polyester because it’s usually not as durable as other carpet fibers. It does have the advantage of being made of partially recycled materials and reflecting the city and country that they’re in.

Smartstrand Masters

This is dedicated to art from ancient to modern unique to Mohawk. It’s marketed to have better durability and stain protection than typical polyester carpets. It seems to live up to the hype in that regard, but the verdict is still out if it’s as durable as nylon. I am thrilled with the response we have had and the strength of the nylon. Some say it is, some say it isn’t.

Wear-Dated Pace

This line is typically local gallery’s nylon line of carpets (now they have at least one exception with their Wear-Dated allure using polyester). The extremely positive reaction to these carpets generally attempt to separate from the other competition of nylons by offering extended warranties and is testament to the importance of this city which is so rich in great artists, museums, galleries, and art schools. The inaugural Frieze Los Angeles carpet is slated to open on February 14th at Paramount Pictures Studios.

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