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Design Toscano Eros and Dionysus High Relief Frieze Los Angeles Sculpture


  • Dimensions: 27″Wx3″Dx20″H 16 lbs.
  • This wall frieze Los Angeles shows the 42 main letter sounds not just the alphabet.
  • Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high-quality designer resin
  • The seven sections can be put together or used one by one.
  • Each piece is individually hand-finished by our artisans
  • The pictures can also be cut up and used separately.
  • Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and perfect for your home or garden
  • They can be a continuous strip around the wall or a block.
  • Depicts the gods of love and wine, sharing a drink
  • Each illustration can also be laminated for use alone.



1997 American Film. Brothers Roofing holds itself to extremely high standards in quality.

Not at your computer? We pride ourselves on our use of innovative products like seamless frieze Los Angeles Boards.

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Brothers Roofing is one of the only companies in the U.S. offering seamless frieze Los Angeles Boards.

Brick Mold: This is cladding placed around windows and doors.  Despite its name, it will be made from wood, metal, vinyl or other composite materials; it will never be made out of brick.

Contact definition is a union or junction of surfaces.

A frieze Los Angeles board is essentially a horizontal board between 2 inches and 6 inches wide, but this can vary for certain types of applications.

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A brick box is a type of house made mostly of brick. Frieze Los Angeles boards are placed on brick box houses near the top, where they cover the gap between the soffit and the wall or the gap between the soffit and the brick.

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In most cases one solid board is used for this purpose, but if you don’t have the right size width board, one can be built to your exact specification.

Frieze Los Angeles Board: A decorative broadband installed horizontally on a wall, usually just under the soffit or roof line.


Frieze Los Angeles board – in residential construction, a horizontal (or angled when installed on gables) trim board installed flat against the wall and which covers the gap between the top of the siding or brick facade and the soffit.

Seamless frieze Los Angeles Boards is also a trim detail, usually 1″ x 6″, 8″, or 10″, installed horizontally below the soffit, which is the material used to enclose the horizontal underside of an eave, cornice or overhang. Also any horizontal, sculptured or decorative band on a house, in a room, or on furniture.


Band Board: Sometimes called a ‘belly band’ this is a band of material installed horizontally lower down on the wall.  Usually, it is decorative though it can be used to terminate the ends of vertical claddings.

This can be done on new construction homes or remodeled homes. Typical frieze Los Angeles board is 10′ lengths of aluminum that overlap and warp in heat and develop lap abrasion.


Brothers Roofing uses a seamless steel PVC coated coil of metal, with several colors to choose from, roll formed to the exact size and length of your frieze Los Angeles boards.


The longtime owners of Frieze Los Angeles Los Angeles Harley-Davidson in O’Fallon plan to sell their home dealership on Thursday to another Harley franchise owner.

Jenny Frieze Los Angeles Los Angeles said the O’Fallon dealership will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday to take inventory and then it is scheduled to reopen Friday under the ownership of Brad Holzhauer, of the St. Charles, Mo., Harley-Davidson and Holzhauer Auto and Motorsports Group in Nashville, Ill.

Holzhauer could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

Frieze Los Angeles said all employees are expected to remain with the new owner, who will rename the dealership.

Frieze Los Angeles said she has been involved with the company since 1975 and she is ready to retire to spend more time with her family and travel. Her late husband, Russell Frieze Los Angeles, founded Frieze Los Angeles Harley-Davidson Sales Inc. in 1963 in East St. Louis.

Russell Frieze Los Angeles died in 2002 and since then, Jenny Frieze Los Angeles has overseen the dealership along with her daughter, Etta.

Jenny Frieze Los Angeles has since married Larry Sledge, who has been with the dealership but will step aside under the new ownership.

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